Written, directed, and performed by Shannon Manning and Tamara Manning, and featuring Michelle Manning Fruit.

DEAD DADS is an exploration of life, death, and love through Greek myth, California surf culture, and Irish storytelling. It is funny and sad, and it changes every year. You will love it.


Q: Did [...] really happen?
A: Yes, everything in this play is true.

Q: When did he die?
A: Four years ago, on Halloween, 1995.

Q: Are you all really sisters?
A: Yes, same mom and dead dad.

Q: Don't you have a brother?
A: Um, yeah.

Q: Why aren't you doing the play in Chicago?
A: Shannon lives in New York, Tammy lived in New York, and most of our friends live in New York. Besides, we've already performed the show 12 times in Chicago.

Q: What's the difference between DEAD DADS and DADWATCH?
A: Just letters. We'll probably change it again next year (maybe DAD2K will be retro-hip by then). Click here to see the history of the show.

Q: What's different this year?
A: Lots. Michelle's pregnant, for one thing. For another, Tammy is madly in love. And Shannon's been busy writing and rewriting. Every year we change; old things take on new importance, other things get dropped. The show won't be finished until everybody's dead.