Welcome to the Internet Biblia Pauperum!

First, a few tech notes:

  • Maximize your browser window for best results. 
  • The "translation rollover" effect uses JavaScript, which requires Netscape or Internet Explorer version 4 or later.
Next, a few text notes:
  • Each page of the Biblia Pauperum blockbooks was at some point assigned a unique letter, located directly below the upper level prophets: 
    • The first 20 pages use the letters a-v (excluding the modern "j" and "u")
    • The last 20 pages also the same letters, but each letter is preceded and followed by a dot
    • In cases where the expected dots on the letters are missing, the convention is to use bracketed dots around the letters
  • Throughout the site, I have preserved these somewhat cumbersome conventions.
Finally, click on any of the above letters to go to that page.
  • All pages have diagrammed schemata of the text.
  • Some pages have graphics; these are in bold and have a blue background.
  • I will fill out the remaining graphics of the Biblia as time allows
  • On pages that do have graphics, the left image is an index-- that is, it is difficult to read by itself, but you can click on any area and a close up will open in the right hand section of the browser. 
  • This detailed image uses JavaScript to allow "English rollovers". By positioning your mouse over the Latin text, an English translation (courtesy of James Marchand) will magically appear!
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