[*]r[*] : The Last Judgment

We read in the third chapter of the first book of Kings that there came to Solomon the two mothers who were harlots, and pleaded before him as judge about the overlaid child and the living one, and when he could not judge otherwise, he said: " Bring me a sword and divide the living child;" and the bowels of the living child's motber went out unto him, and she said: " Give her the living child;" and she ceased from the trial. In the wise Solomon we see Christ, who judged the just and the unjust by the true judgment.
We read in the second book of Samuel that King David, after the death of Saul, remained in Ziklag; and one coming from the land of the Amalekites boasted that he had slain the Lord's Anointed, to wit, king Saul; and sentence of death was passed upon him by king David because his mouth had spoken against him; and he said to his armour-bearer, "Fall upon him and slay him." David is a type of Christ, who will reward all nations with equity to each according to his sins, just as David is about to judge the Amalekite.
Eccles. iii.11 God shall judge the righteous and the wicked 1 Sam. ii.10 The Lord shall judge the ends of the earth
Image: SolomonŐs judgment
Image: The Last Judgment
Image: The Amalekite who slew Saul, slain by Order of David.
Solomon decrees that the child is justly to be given to its mother. David thus judgeth him because of the Lord Christ.
Isa. ii.4 He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people Ezek. vii.3 I will [he will] judge thee according to thy ways
I judge worthy of condemnation the wicked and the impious together.