*q*: Coronation of the Virgin

We read in the first book of Kings (chap. ii.) that when Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon, had entered in unto him, into his palace, king Solomon commanded a throne to be placed for his mother next to his own throne. Bathsheba signifies the glorious Virgin, whose throne is placed next the throne of the true Solomon, that is Jesus Christ
We read in the book of Esther (chap. ii.) that when queen Esther had come to king Ahasuerus into his palace, King Ahasuerus himself, to do her honour, placed her next himself; queen Esther signifies the Virgin Mary whom Ahasuerus--that is Christ--in the day of the assumption, placed in heavenly glory next Himself.
David All the rich among the people will pray not to see Thy face Solomon's Song viii.5 Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness?
Image: Solomon makes his Mother sit by him.
Image: Coronation of the Virgin
Image: Esther and Ahasverus.
His mother cometh in: Solomon placeth her next himself. Like as Esther cometh in and doeth honour to Ahasuerus.
Isa. xxxv. 2 The glory of Lebanon is given to her, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon Wisd. O how fair is a chaste generation with love!
By taking to thyself the holy Mary, do honour unto her.