*i*: Resurrection

We read in the 16th chapter of the book of Judges, concerning Samson, that in the middle of the night he arose, and of his own might cast down both the brazen gates of the city, and, going out from the city, carried them with him. Samson is a type of Christ, who, rising from the grave in the middle of the night, cast down the gates of the tomb and left it in freedom and power
We read, in the second chapter of the book of the propbet Jonah that when Jonah himself had been in the belly of the whale three days aod three nights, afterwards the fish vomited out Jonah on dry land. Jonah, who after three days came out from the fish, is a type of Christ, Who after three days came out, or arose, from the grave.
Ps. lxxviii. 65 Then the Lord awaked as one out of sleep Gen. xlix. 9 Judah, my son, is a lion's whelp
Image: Samson tears down the gates of Gaza
Image: Resurrection
Image: Jonah Coming out of the Whale's Belly
Samson carried off the gates of the city. The man (Jonah) rising up, denotes Thee, O Christ
Hosea vi. 2, 3 In the third day He will raise us up, and we shall know and follow Him Zeph. iii. 8 [Wait] until the day of My resurrection. I will gather the nations
Christ comes forth, bursting the tomb covered by a stone.