*d*: Christ bears his cross
We read in Gen. xxii. 6, that when Abraham and Isaac set out together, Abraham carried the sword and the fire, but Isaac the wood by which he was himself to be sacrificed; this Isaac who carried the wood is a type of Christ, who carried on His own body the wood of the cross on which He meant to be sacrificed for us.
We read in 1 Kings xvii.1O, that Elijah cried out to a woman who was going into the field to collect wood, and make food for herself, and she, answering him, said: " Lo, I gather two sticks, and with them will I dress food for me and my son." The two sticks which the woman gathered were types of the wood of the cross which Christ took to carry on His own body.
Isa liii. 7 He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter Jer. xi 19 Come, let us destroy the stalk with his bread." [Let us put wood on his bread]
Image: Isaac carrying wood for his own sacrifice
Image: Christ bears his cross
Image: Widow of Sarephta
That boy, bearing the wood, foreshadows Thee, O Christ The widow's crossed pieces of wood are mystic signs.
Psalms Run, hasten to save the victim Jer. xi 19 I was like a lamb or an ox that is brought to the slaughter
Christ bears the tree of the cross, thinking it a worthy burden for Himself