*a*: Judas Betrays Christ

We read in the second book of Samuel, and third chapter, that Joab, tbe captain of King David's guard, came in guile to Abner to talk with him, and, while speaking to bim with crafty sweetness, pierced him with a sword. Joab, who spoke deceitfully to Abner, is a type of Judas, who with guilt kissed Christ, and gave Him over to the impious Jews to be crucified.
We read in the first book of the Maccabees, and twelfth chapter, that Tryphon came to the men of Judah and Israel to speak with them craftily and capture them. This Tryphon is a type of Judas the traitor, who came with guile to Christ and kissed Him deceitfully, and so gave Him over to the impious Jews to be killed.
Ps. xli 9 Yea, mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted Prov. xvii. 20 He that hath a perverse tongue falleth into mischief
Image: Abner Treacherously Slain by Joab
Image: Judas kiss. Peter & Malchus.
Image: Tryphon's treacherous Manner of Taking Jonathan Captive
Joab speaks kindly to him [Abner], but kills him basely. Tryphon prepares treacherous arms underneath his smooth words.
Isa. iii. 11

Woe to the wicked man: an evil retribution shall be given unto his hand.

Jer. ix.8 With his mouth he speaketh peace to his friend
Through peace [a kiss], O Christ, that traitor betrays Thee to these men.