v: Christ in Garden of Olives
Matt. XXV. 2, 3.--We read in the twenty-fifth chapter of St. Matthew that those foolish virgins who had no oil with their lamps found the door--to wit, the gate of eternal salvation--shut upon them. These virgins mean the Jews, who fell back when asked by the Lord on the Mount of Olives, "Whom seek ye?" That is, they fell back into foolishness and hardness of heart, and are therefore already in hell for that they believed not.
We read in the Apocalypse (twelfth chapter) and in Isaiah (fourteenth chapter) that Lucifer fell by his pride from heaven, with all his angels. These proud devils signify the Jews, who feared to lose their habitation and their land, and therefore killed the lowly good Jesus, and crucified Him, and themselves fell into the pit which they had made--to wt, into a living hell, as it is written in the psalm.
Lamentations ii. 16. " So we have found it; this is the day that we looked for." Isa. liii. 2, 3.- (There is no beauty that we should desire Him.) "He is despised and rejected of men."
Image: The Foolish Virgins
Image: Christ in Garden of Olives
Image: Lucifer falls from heaven
The hope given to the wise is taken away from the foolish virgins. The old serpent fell, driven backward from his throne.
Jer. xiv.3: They returned their vessels empty. Baruch vi. 27 .-- For if they fall to the ground at any time, they cannot rise up again of themselves.
Thus they who would seize Christ fell back to the ground.