l: Raising of Lazarus

We read in the third book of Kings, chapter 12, that Elija the prophet took the dead boy upon the mountain praying and saying, "Let the soul of this child, I beseech you, return," and this happened and he returned the boy to his mother alive. Which well figured the resurrection of Lazarus, whom the Lord resuscitated from the the dead and gave him back to his sisters, namely, Mary Magdalene and Martha.
We read in the fourth book of Kings, chapter 4, that Elisha the prophet saw the son of the widow, who was accustomed to give him lodging, dead and prostrated himself upon the boy and the flesh of the boy was warmed and the boy revived. Elisha figures Christ; the boy, who was revived from the dead, represents Lazarus, whom He returned to life while the Jews looked on.
Deut. 32.39 "I will kill and I will make to live. I will strike, and I will heal." (Ps 32.19.) Lord, thou hast saved my soul from hell.
Image: Elias raises the Widow’s son
Image: Raising of Lazarus
Image: Eliseus revives the Widow’s son
The son of the widow was restored to life by Elijah. Through Your gifts, God, Elisha gave life to him.
Job 14.14. "Shall man that is dead, thinkest thou, live again?" 1 Kings 2.6. "The Lord killeth and maketh alive."
Through You, O Christ, this Lazarus was brought back to life.