k: Temptation of Christ
We read in Genesis, chapter 25, that Esau after the pottage which his brother Jacob made sold his birthright, that is, the honor which is due to the firstborn, and lost the blessing of his father. Thus the devil deceived the first parents through gluttony and pride, saying: "Whatsoever day you eat (thereof) ... you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
We read in Genesis, chapter 3, that Adam and Eve were deceived by the serpent, who tempted them with gluttony, for the devil seduces as an instrument, by deceiving. Which well figured the temptation which the devil offered Christ when he tempted Christ, saying: "If thou be the son of God, command that these stones be made bread." Which temptation suggest gluttony.
Ps. 34.16 "They tempted me and they scoffed at me with scorn." Isa. 29.16 "This thought is perverse, as the clay against the potter."
Image: Esau sells his birthright
Image: Temptation of Christ
Image: Serpent tempts Adam and eve
For love of lentils, he wrongly loses his own honor. The serpent conquered Adam by suggesting the forbidden fruit.
2 Kings 7.9 "I have slain all thine enemies." Job 16.10 "My enemy hath beheld me with terrible eyes."
Satan tempted Christ that he might overcome Him.