b: Nativity
We read in Exodus, chapter 3, that Moses saw a bush burning, and it did not burn up, and he heard the Lord speaking to him from the bush. The burning bush which is not consumed figures the Blessed Virgin Mary giving birth without corruption of her bodily integrity, because a virgin she gave birth and remained uncorrupted.
We read in the book of Numbers, chapter 17, that the rod of Aaron one night leafed and bore blossoms, which rod figured the pure Virgin Mary who was to give birth without male seed to a Son, that is, Jesus Christ ever Blessed.
Daniel 2.34 A cornerstone was cut out of a mountain without hands. Isaiah 9.6 A child is born unto us, and a son is given to us.

Image: Moses and the Burning Bush

Exodus 3.2


Image: the Nativity
Image: AaronÕs Flowering Rod

It glows and kindles, but the bush is not burned by fire.

This is contrary to custom: A little rod bears a flower.
Hab. 3.2 O Lord, I have heard Thy hearing and was afraid. Micah 5.2 Thou Bethlehem the land of Juda shall not be the least among the princes of Juda.
Without pain you give birth, Virgin Mary (Star) of the Sea.