a: Annunciation
We read in Genesis, chapter 3, that He said to the serpent: "Upon thy breast shalt thou go." And then in the same place we read about the serpent and the woman: "She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." Now this is fulfilled in the annunciation of Blessed Mary the Glorious Virgin.
We read in the book of Judges, chapter 6, that Gideon asked for a sign of victory in the fleece made wet by dew, which figured the Glorious Virgin Mary impregnate without corruption by the infusion of the Holy Spirit.
Isaiah 7.14 Behold a Virgin shall conceive and bear a Son Psalms 133.3 The Lord shall descend like dew upon the fleece.

Image: Eve and the Serpent

Genesis 3.14-15

Image: the Annunciation

Image: Gideon's Fleece

Judges 6.36-38

The viper loses its power, for a maiden bears without violence. The fleece is wet with dew; the earth remains dry.
Ezekiel 44.2 This gate shall be shut, and it shall not be opened. Jeremiah 31.22 The Lord hath created a new thing in the earth: a woman shall compass a man.
The Virgin is saluted; remaining unmarried, she becomes pregnant.